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I always love me some Lana! #StingRey4Life TWM

Loving this song. What a voice! TWM

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  • Loving this Levi’s Commercial!

    September 17th, 2017
    Loving this Levi’s Commercial!

    I am a lifelong denim-head and have become a hardcore Levi’s girl the last few years, which you can check out on my new blog Bohemian Noon: thebohemiannoon.com/are-you-a-denim-head-too/. Then add the facts that I’m a music journalist and culture...

  • It’s not easy finding your creative voice in a crowded, often superficial, music world yet Toronto artist a l l i e has been steadily cultivating hers, taking it into directions that go against the current Toronto wave. Nightshade...

  • In 2016 I became a Polaris Music Prize juror. It was instantly exciting to explore the spectacular array of Canadian music up for the prize, much of it little known gems that would go unheralded without the amazing work...

  • “Naomi Wachira’s “Song of Lament” is an Ode to Resilience.”   Some albums communicate a truth, urgency, and humanity so profound that it resonates long after it ends; singer-songwriter Naomi Wachira’s Song of Lament is one of those albums. It...

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