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  • Twin sisters Romy and Sari Lightman, who’d been backing singers for Katie Stelmanis in her Austra project, tested out a few different names for their musical duo together before settling on Tasseomancy. The name is deeply personal, honoring their...

  • In the first stages of Hannah Epperson’s career, she found herself in the background. “My early musical collaborations were always solely as a violinist supporting unbelievable female vocalists like Miss Emily Brown and Julianna Barwick,” she explains from her...

  • NOW Magazine:  Xenia Rubinos

    September 29th, 2016
    NOW Magazine: Xenia Rubinos

    “Music is my opportunity to try to understand and be better,” explains Xenia Rubinos. “I’ve been in a fight with words for over a decade, and it was time for me to face myself.”  It’s a surprising admission by...

  • EP Review: Laura Roy

    August 15th, 2016
    EP Review: Laura Roy

    Laura Roy  Sometimes I wonder why an artist hasn’t blown up yet. Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Laura Roy is one of the best young pop-R&B vocalist making music today, with a voice as rich and beautiful as Alessia Cara and JoJo. Yet...

  • Hannah Georgas discusses her deeply intimate album inspired by her 98-year-old grandmother. Touring is notoriously chaotic even in the best of circumstances. So it is no surprise that when speaking to singer-songwriter Hannah Georgas on Canada day that she’s...

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