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Sia Furler, best known as simply, Sia, is a singer-songwriter from Australia.  Over the last few years her celebrity has grown due to songs like, “Clap Your Hands,” (off of her 2010 album, We Are Born), as well as international hit collaborations with David Guetta, “Titanium,” and “Wild Ones” with rapper Flo Rida. She’s also penned songs for artists such as Christina Aguilera (“All I Need“),   Rihanna (“Diamonds”) and Rita Ora, (“Radioactive”), to name just a few. (You can check out Sia’s beautiful live version of “Diamonds” here). 

Singing and performing ever since she was a teenager, and recording her first solo album in the late 90’s, many hard-core Sia fans fell in love with her emotive voice and spellbinding lyrics when she released the track, “Taken for Granted,” from her sophomore album,  Healing Is Difficult. The album revealed a distinctly soulful voice and a unique songwriter. Later, her unforgettable and sexy collaborations with, Zero 7 ─ “Destiny” and “Distractions” ─ cemented her reputation as a singer-songwriter in her own magnificent league.

This past week Beyoncé released her 4th album, Beyoncé ─ the best work of her career thus far ─ which starts off with a Sia penned track, “Pretty Hurts.”  The powerful song bears Sia’s indelible mark, and is one of the standouts on an already incredible album.

So, take a moment to discover, rediscover, or simply appreciate the captivating artist and writer, Sia. Enjoy! Chaka V. 

Taken For Granted


Breathe Me


Don’t Bring Me Down


 Clap Your Hands


Zero 7 ~ “Destiny” ft. Sia

Zero 7 ~ “Distractions” ft. Sia


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