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April 29th, 2015
Amy: The Film

Amy: The upcoming biopic has lost the support of her family. Will you be seeing it?  


Anyone who knows me personally understands that I was, and remain, a loyal Amy Winehouse fan (hence the name of this site). Her death was absolutely devastating to me, and when I first heard about the Amy Biopic in 2013 I was so excited for an opportunity to learn even more about one of my favourite vocalist, songwriters, and stylists of all time: to see rare footage that showed her at her best, before fame, drugs and bulimia engulfed her rare and brilliant talent, brought me a lot of joy and great anticipation. 

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However, I soon began hearing that her family, who were originally excited about the film, were becoming concerned about how Amy, and they, would be portrayed. A few weeks ago the trailer for the film was released and for some reason I couldn’t watch it at that time: maybe I was afraid I would be overwhelmed by emotion. Today, I finally watched it and I will say I plan to see the film. The trailer is powerful and I have no idea how I kept the tears from falling. I will not, however, be watching it with a non-critical eye.

Amy’s father, Mitch Winehouse, has called the film “misleading and there are rumours that the film blames Amy’s family for not doing enough to save her. I don’t know if this is true, but as someone who has had close friends who dealt with eating disorders and substance abuse issues, I know very well that you cannot “save” anyone, you can only love them and hope that they survive it. Amy didn’t, and the music world will never be the same: we really have lost out on an artist who could have been giving us legendary music for many decades to come. But ultimately her family has suffered the greatest loss and I hope that this documentary honours that truth.

We’ll see.

Chaka V.

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