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On July 23, 2011, the world lost one of the greatest singer-lyricist of our time, Amy Winehouse. 

Soul, jazz, R&B and hip hop, Winehouse infused it all with her own unique sound. But who influenced Winehouse’s music? Over the next few days TWM will look at the artists whose influence can be seen in her life and work. Chaka V. 

Dinah Washington2

Dinah Washington 

The most popular black female vocalist of the 1950’s.

A singer who turned songs like “Fever” and “Is You Is or Is you Ain’t My Baby” into some of the most dynamically sensually charged vocals ever sung.  

Married seven times in her short – but eventful – life.

If a biopic has not been done about Dinah Washington, one should be and I’ll be the first in line to write it.

Amy Winehouse called Dinah Washington the singer who initially taught her how to sing:  “When I started to listen [to jazz], I started listening to Ella Fitzgerald,” she said during her Amy Winehouse – The Day She Came to Dingle session. “My brother had all the good stuff and my brother was like, ‘No, No, Dinah Washington.’ So I learned to sing from Dinah Washington a lot.”

Sadly, like Winehouse, Washington’s life was cut short – she died of an overdose of sedatives at 39-years-old. But the verve and originality she brought to her music, and that glamorous distinctive voice, is named by countless singers (and music lovers) as the ultimate voice. And Washington’s music remains as relevant, thrilling and fabulous as ever. 


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