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Following her 2012 self-engineered and self-produced EP, To the Waking, the Shaking & the Volatile, singer/songwriter Animalia has released, A Wave to Wash the World Away, a captivating 4-track album that takes her music into new spaces. 

Born in Australia, Animalia, aka Jill Krasnicki, now lives in Toronto. Her powerful voice is reminiscent of Irish songbirds Sinead O’Connor and Dolores O’Riordan, and she brings the same intense artistry to her work that made her predecessors famous. Blending stunning vocals with the acoustic guitar, her siren songs lure listeners into strange places.

With a stage name inspired by her love of animals, (Animalia is defined as “the realm of animals or the animal kingdom”), and an avid Vegan lifestyle, it is no surprise that nature plays a vital role in her sound, imbuing it with mystery, and aural surprises.

The faintly disturbing, “The Trees,” conjures up shadowy rain soaked images. Unexpected rumbles of thunder crackles in, “Worth It,” adding visceral texture to poignant lyrics about love and sacrifice, and the haunting and disquieting song, “Swimming” leaves you with a feeling of foreboding. The longing for freedom that weaves its way throughout the album reaches its end point in the somewhat more upbeat, “Lovely.” A track that suggests that destruction is sometimes the path to true freedom.

A musical iceberg, A Wave to Wash the World Away, reveals that even within a deceptively tiny album massive beauty can lie beneath.

Suggested Listening:
All 4 tracks. See where it takes you…

Twitter: @AnimaliaMusic

Stay tuned for our In the Winehouse feature with Animalia coming next week!

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