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Bill and Murray, Tel Aviv's alternative pop duo - Stella Gott and David Blau -- are becoming known for crafting spacious sounds with hypnotic vocals. Discover why you need to catch their final show tonight! 


 “We got an old drum machine, a vintage keyboard, and a snare drum and we went on with it.”

Photo Credit: Eric Slupowski

Photo Credit: Eric Slupowski

Q: How did the band Bill and Murray become a band?

A: We heard each other’s solo projects through a mutual friend and felt that it might be a perfect match — it turned out [that we were] right. We started working on songs together with instruments that were new to us and created our own sound.

Q: And why did you choose the band name Bill and Murray?

A: The name was chosen because we love Bill Murray the actor, and we thought it could be a great name.

Q: What are the major influences behind the band’s sound, style and lyrics?

A: We were influenced by many genres, from rock, pop, noise, electronic, but we weren’t trying to make any of these. We got an old drum machine, a vintage keyboard, and a snare drum and we went on with it. Only later did we get more into listening to synth pop and similar genres. The soundtrack of the movie Drive by the Chromatics was actually a great influence at the beginning.

Q: What can we expect from your live show?

A: A journey through time and space.

Q: When can we expect the band’s debut album?

A: At the end of 2014.

Q: What does being part of CMW mean to you?

A: A great opportunity to meet bands and industry people from around the world. And a good reason to visit Canada.

Check out Bill and Murray’s show tonight at Czehoski 12am.


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