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No intro. No thank you. No goodbye. Hoodlem makes pleasurable breezy music but learning to engage the audience may be their biggest challenge.  

Hoodlem started their Czehoski set at 9:15pm, switching times with fellow Aussie, Lili Kendall. The electronic, hip hop, pop duo, hailing from “inner-city Melbourne,” is currently promoting themselves as an “anonymous project,” which I anticipate will be a struggle to maintain since they’re doing the festival circuit free of disguises.

The pair spent some time on stage trying to address tech problems. The unnamed male counterpart sat with his black hood over his zebra printed baseball cap, taking the challenges all in stride. While the female lead singer, and fellow synth player, looked annoyed.

The pair went on to perform loungy good tunes albeit with a sluggish demeanor. Throughout their 20 minute plus set the technical problems plagued their performance, and while clearly frustrating for the artists, it became irritating to watch the lead miming  frustrated technical instructions to the tech guy while requesting water. Her harried performance style paired with the petulant behaviour was awkward, and didn’t give us, or them, a chance to just dive in and enjoy the flow. Last year the band Kool Thing encountered similar difficulties but used their mere 10 minutes (once it was corrected) to put on a brief and exciting show, so much so that many of us returned to their second show at the Garrison later that week.

When not brooding over the tech problems the lead singer sounded great singing everything from their original tracks “Old Friend” and “Firing Line” to a cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Girlfriend,” which started off awkwardly but evolved into a cool rendition.

Despite having some enjoyable music to offer, the band will have to develop a sense of humour or learn to play off the challenges that inevitably come with touring and performing live. Or they may have to remain anonymous and in the studio–the stage is for shining not sulking.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Chaka V. is a writer,  journalist and the creator of The Winehouse Mag.


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