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She's performing a rare two shows at CMW! Discover how Lauryn Hill and Pink Floyd find a home in Daniella Watters's music! 


WM: How long have you been singing and making music?

DW: I’ve been singing ever since I could talk! As a child I always had a passion for music and singing. I’ve been recording since I was 11 and have been writing music since I was 15.

WM: Which artists and/or records have influenced your style?

DW: There are way too many to mention! To name a few… I’d have to say that Alicia Keys, Joss Stone, and Lauryn Hill have always been inspirations of mine. However, different artists and bands influence different aspects of the music for me. For example, melodically, studying older jazz music has given me an ability to try out interesting melodies. On the other hand, I love Pink Floyd and The Beatles, so my taste and influences are quite varied, which can definitely be seen with my tendency to write music that crosses over several genres.

WM: Which is your favourite aspect about the music process, songwriting or performing?

DW: The entire process! Right from its conception through to the performance. It all begins with an emotion or idea and builds from there. It’s rewarding to see the growth and development and then hear how others feel about the song once it’s performed. In particular, I really enjoy co-writing and collaborating with other talented artists. It’s like creating magic and the experience is always unique with each and every artist.

WM: How does it feel to be part of CMW?

DW: It’s truly an honour to get to play two CMW shows this year! Last year was my first time playing CMW and I won the Street Idol Award from RDR Music Group, which led to some great opportunities and served as a reminder to keep doing what I’m doing!

Check out Daniella Watters at Czehoski on March 22nd at 9pm!


Twitter: @D_Watters_

Photo Credit: Dan Abramovici  

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