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What makes me remember an artist after I see them live? Well, talent of course! Read why. Chaka V. 


What stands out for me when I see a band live for the first time is talent. Unadulterated talent. And it’s not easy to find. I like “hotness” as much as the next girl but every music scene is over-ridden by artists and bands with ironic names and a gift for using iPhone filters that make everyone look cool. You’re cool. I’m cool. Being uncool is cool. Everything is cool. Knowing you’re cool is not cool, so to be cool you have to pretend that you don’t think you’re cool. Got it? Basically the entire idea of cool is null and void. 

Further, with music sites galore, social media pimps and pimpettes, vintage stores and American Apparel (okay, I admit I shop at both), dull unimaginative music cloaked by hip quirkiness is routine.

When I walk into a club or concert hall and discover a band or artist with talent displaying a true love of music and passion, I’m so grateful. A while back, I saw Nikka Costa open up for Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. She was a pint-sized ball of fire. Her voice was stunning. She owned the stage. And she was committed to each moment and each note she sang. She took me on a journey. I arrived not knowing who she was and left as a fan.

There are a lot of bands I enjoy in the moment but very few that I’ll remember for years to come. The bands and artists that stand out to me will always be the passionate ones. The ones who leave it all on the table, are a little wild and unpredictable or haunting and profound. It’s easy to be “cool” or “anti-cool cool.” But talent makes you rare and unforgettable.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Chaka V. is a writer and journalist and the creator of The Winehouse Mag. 

Originally published for AUX TV.

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