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WM: Do you ever get embarrassed performing some of your more provocative songs live? No, never, never. Well, unless there are

kids in the audience. I’m like, “Um, where are your parents?” It’s happened a few times and I revert back to the feeling of being a child and catching my parents having sex or something. It’s like “eww.”

WM: What are your thoughts on the idea of artists “selling out”?

It’s an interesting thing; it’s this idea that you should not wish greatness for yourself as an artist. You should not wish success or fame for yourself as an artist because you need to be the starving artists, the humble artist, to remain authentic.

WM: What would you be doing if you weren’t a performer?

I think I would be doing something health and fitness related. Health food, fitness, which I think I can still do. It’s part of me. It’s something that I am pretty passionate about.

WM: If you could live in any other time in history when would it be and who would you be?

Late 60’s, early 70’s. Somewhat of a crazy thing to say, but for the mere experience of her life and for what’s she’s done, I would say Tina Turner, her or Chaka Khan. Maybe Tina was a little more rock but Chaka was fucken edgy too.

WM: What do you think of the label “Black Rock”?

The whole idea of “Black Rock” is redundant.

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