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FKA Twigs Discovery. ♦ 

Photo was re-created by Dualton Designs

Photo was re-created by Dualton Designs

Even as an entertainment journalist, I find it impossible to keep up with all the incredible music out there. I’m often distracted by a single artist for months, so immersed in them that a handful of other notable new finds pop up and I don’t stumble upon them for a moment. That is the case for Gloucestershire born-London based singer/performer FKA twigs (Tahliah Barnett). I recently came across her music and find her beautiful, disturbing─”Hide (4 of 4) & Papi Pacify are two examples─and captivating. And I love her Frida Kahlo-esque vibe in videos like “Water” (below). In summer 2013, The Guardian called her sound ‘The UK’s best example to date of ethereal, twisted R&B.” (Apparently FKA, stands for “formally known as” and the nickname “twigs” was given to the petite dancer because her  bones always cracked.) She’s yet to release a full length album but her Ep’s are more than enough for now. 

It’s never too late to discover good music. If you’re already a fan of FKA twigs, tell me how you discovered her. If you’ve just come across her yourself, check out the videos below and let me know know what you think.  Chaka V. 


Image created by WIP-SamyRoad ~

Image created by WIP-SamyRoad ~

Water Me

Hide (4 of 4)

Check out the videos section to see more unforgettable FKA Twigs music/videos.





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