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May 9th, 2014
Friday CMW Picks


Photo: Cecy B performing at the Painted Lady tonight. ♦ 

It’s Friday and it’s CMW, which means pack in as many shows as you can handle and sleep in tomorrow! Yay!! Here are Friday’s picks.


JJ Gerber

Who: JJ Gerber

Where: Central 6pm

JJ Gerber, who is book-ended by MoZayic  (5:00pm) and Jessica Speziale (7:00pm), has qualities to his voice that faintly remind me of Finley Quaye. Gerber is still maturing as a singer-songwriter but his potential is undeniable.


Who: Bill and Murray

Where: Baltic Avenue 8pm

Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, the band Bill and Murray blend alternative, electronic and pop with hypnotizing vocals. (They perform tonight and tomorrow.)



Who: Cecy B

Where: Painted Lady 9Pm

Painted Lady has a strong night of rap and Hip Hop. But it’s Cecy B that got me dancing the minute I heard her. She’s the first hip-hop/rap artist to make my must-see list. I don’t know if it’s the Mexican beats she rhymes over or just how good she is, but when I start dancing automatically, you got me. 

Lili Kendall

Who: Lili Kendall 

Where: Czehoski 9:15pm

Lili Kendall has one of those pop R&B voices along the lines of JoJo, and after a few listens of her track “The Unknown” I woke up with it in my head.  Looking forward to hearing more of her sound tonight at Czehoski. 



Who: Hoodlem 

Where: Czehoski 10:00PM

Hoodlem is described as an “anonymous project blending pulsing experimental beats, soulful vocals and crisp production.” The anonymous part reads a bit gimmicky but their sound does not. The pretty vocals of the mysterious lead singer backed by the production does make you curious to know more. 




Where: Tattoo 11:30PM

Astr’s sound is sexy. The New York duo have a cool sultry nightlife vibe that is perfect for tonight, and perfect for Tatto where they’ll be performing at. 



Who: Kayo

Where: Parts & Labour 12:15 AM

I figured the hip hop would end with Cecy B but then came Kayo. Love his sound. Love his lyrics. Bound to be a great show. 


Who: Random Recipe

Where: Sneaky Dee’s 1:00AM

I have an agenda — I want to be the 5th member of Random Recipe. How would an introverted writer fit into this wild bunch? I have no idea. Anyway, I wish the band was doing a second show on Saturday — at an earlier time. But, since they are not, they’re my night owl pick for Friday — gotta catch this Montreal group while I can. 


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