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Gary Clark Jr. performs at the Danforth Music Hall to a fawning sold out crowd! 


The recent Gary Clark Jr. concert was one of the most exciting concerts that I’ve been to, ever. He’s a man of few words, but you don’t gotta do much talkin’ when you’re as fiercely gifted as he is. There were times that his hands moved at such a dizzying speed that it became a blur. I’ve never seen that before but it supports the legendary guitar hero status he’s quickly garnering. Furthermore, the man has stamina, the show went on, uninterrupted, for two hours!

Besides my own catcalling from the front, I was surprised to learn that guitar gods are so lusted over by men. They screamed for him to take his shirt off which he did mid-show, revealing a dark undershirt ─ and begged for his toque. Each time he exchanged his guitar for another, guys behind me anticipated which one he would use next, cheering when they were right. I also witnessed 60 year-old men playing air guitar and fighting over the handful of guitar picks he threw to the crowd after his encore. Yep, it was a sight to behold. With that drool worthy dazzle of a smile and skills that will hopefully only grow in strength, this 29-year-old mystery man left the sold out Danforth Music Hall fans hungry for more. (BTW: I was thrilled to leave with my special edition posters, given to those early ticket buyers in June! It’s hanging next to my bed. Yum!

Since I am not a guitar head, I’m throwing it over to this great review of the concert that I read on the site Jam Bands. Enjoy! And check Mr. Jr. out when he graces Toronto again. You know, I’ll be there.

“Bright Lights”

(JAM BANDS) It’s generally a sign of dependable quality, when an artist receiving a ton of critical buzz as a blues guitarist. Contrary to the potentially fickle value of any number of other genres and proclivities, how bad can a celebrated axe-man really be? Filling Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall, a venue at least five times larger than that of his last visit, Gary Clark Jr. lived up to his immense hype. His apparent effortlessness only served to inflate his growing legend.

Bookending the performance with the two singles from his 2012 smash Blak and Blu  “Ain’t Messin’ Round” and “Numb”─ the Texan string bender loaded ninety minutes with gritty emotion and timeless flavor. Read More

Rolling Stone Awards 2013



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