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Artistic expression or men ogling boobies? The Tunnel Vision/Blurred Lines Objectification Debate. 

The recent uproar over Justin Timberlake’s video “Tunnel Vision” served only to bring it more attention. After briefly removing it due to explicit content – aka withering fully nude models – it was soon back up on YouTube with a “viewer discretion is advised” message stamped across it. While some call the video “artistic expression” others like Hannah Loewentheil of Policy Mic are comparing it to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video – also called art – and saying don’t be fooled by the “artistic expression” spiel. Read below.


Music videos containing explicit content are no new thing; think back to Cisco’sThong Song or 50 Cent’sIn Da Club” videos and you’ll soon remember that drugs and alcohol, nudity and racy dancing have always been commonly broadcast on video music channels such as MTV and the like. While the recent fixation with nudity in hit music videos may not be a new phenomenon, it is certainly different. Now more than ever, the line between artistic expression and distasteful content is thinning. 

Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video aroused its fair share of controversy when it was released last March. The unrated video showcases the R&B singer “prancing around with Pharrell, T.I., and three beautiful, very naked models.” It is difficult to ignore the glaring difference between the male and female video stars, namely that the males are fully clothed in suits and ties while the females are strikingly unclothed.

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