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Lana Del Rey! Grimes! I gotta get there... 



Pretty Please…

If you know me, you know I love Lana del Rey. I’m one of her early fans who have withstood the slings and arrows in her turbulent rise to the top (and I ain’t goin’ nowhere, baby!).

After seeing her concert last year, I planned to see her again this summer. But, thus far, that dream looks far far away. So it just sucked even more when I learned that Grimes will be opening for her Toronto show. Both my girls performing at the same event?! Now it’s serious!

So, as I send wishes to the concert Goddesses to somehow bestow me tickets, this post will stand as my music concert vision board. Chaka V. 

Photo: Raphaël Ouellet

Photo: Raphaël Ouellet

 See you there…

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