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February 21st, 2014
Lissie Interview Outtakes


It’s unusual to interview an artist that can─and will─pack so many interesting ideas and fun honest stories into a 15 minute chat, but Lissie Marcus is one of them. Her open nature is spontaneous and refreshing, and she’s the kinda musician you want to sit and talk to for hours. But alas, it wasn’t possible…this time. Below check out some great outtakes from my Lissie interview and read the AUX TV interview here. Chaka V. 


Lana Del Rey

On her love of Lana Del Rey’s music─an artist whose singular image is nearly the polar opposite of her own:

“When you were saying that you listen to my whole album [Back to Forever is fantastic from beginning to end] that’s how I was with her [Del Rey’s album, Born to Die]. That’s the only entire album I would listen to. She’s a great writer. Her lyrics and melodies really are evocative. You can picture it. It’s very visual. I think her voice is really interesting. I think her image at first made me not want to like her because she had the puffy lips and the real over the top image, [it] almost deterred me. But then I was like, ‘Everything I’ve heard, I’ve loved.’ So then I got the album and I was sold. I was like I love this girl. She’s got my vote.”  

Bobbie GentryOn her fascination with mysterious country icon Bobbie Gentry:

“I got real into Bobbie Gentry like 5, 4-5 years ago. I had always known, “Ode to Billie Joe,” and the song writing in that is so incredible. Then I started looking at these videos of her where she was sexy and she’d wear her suits but she was also like kind of cool and just down to earth and just sort of singing all chill. I started watching her on stuff and reading about her and got American Quilt and got real into her music. She’s like one of the best lyricist. I think that’s sort of like in liking Lana Del Rey, she’s a great lyrists, you know. Anyway, then she just stopped doing music. No more music. No more interviews. I mean I’m sure someone knows what happened to her but I would just be so curious to pick her brain. Maybe it’s like she was so talented but she stopped enjoying it and so she was like, ‘I’m not going to do it anymore.’ And that’s so fascinating to me.”

Lissie01_MDisplay_1883On quitting music if it was no longer fun (à la Bobbie Gentry): 

“I mean, yeah, I can see if it wasn’t fun anymore, stopping in ways. But singing makes me so happy and singing for people. Maybe I would simplify the way I did things but I could never just totally stop. So that [Bobbie Gentry] really is fascinating to me. There was a time last year where it was like everything was always so up in the air and I kept getting sick and I kept losing my voice and, you know, you have this great fan base but then you wait too long to come back and  have to sort of start over again in certain territories. And there were nights where I would just cry and I’d be like, I’m not enjoying myself. This is exhausting and I feel like it’s a losing battle. And then you get back to remembering, don’t take yourself so seriously. You’re making a living and you’re doing what you love, and if you don’t love it then change how you do it─but sometimes you feel trapped by your ambitions. I can’t stop. I was born to do this.” [Great news for us fans!]

AUX TV interview with Lissie here. And check out her music here


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