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The Winehouse Mag has paired up with AUX TV (yay!) for the Whisky Rocks Showdown Competition! Bring it on, bands!  

It’s week two of Whisky Rocks! Last week I talked about my fantasy opening-act, this week check out the artists and bands that made my top five of 2013!

And if you’re in a band, show us music lovers what you got and join the competition. You might just become our favourite band of 2014! Chaka V. 


 My top 5 musical discoveries of 2013

When I discover music that captures my attention, I immediately write about it for the Winehouse or pitch it elsewhere. So, not to be redundant, here’s a hyperlinked shout out to new artists that I have recently written about for AUX: Animalia MusicAKUA and Kool Thing. (And those are just two artists and a band that I was wowed by in 2013.)

Here, ladies and gents, are my difficulty narrowed down top 5 overall discoveries of 2013. Read More & Listen Below!

Yuna (Malaysia)


Yuna came onto my radar in 2012 and I loved her sound. Her music has captured international attention and the likes of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo (The Neptunes), who worked on her first album. “Live Your Life” was my morning song for months but I didn’t delve much further into her work until this summer. Now I’ve become all Yuna, all the time. Her sound is sweet and eclectic, she makes relaxed music that sparkles. For the last few days I’ve been singing her single, “Someone Who Can,” from her soon to be released album, Nocturnal. Love it!

Wild Belle (U.S.)


Earlier this year I was obsessed with Wild Belle. I love Natalie Bergman’s distinctive voice, and her brother is a multi-instrumentalist genius. “Keep You” is officially an honouree in the group of songs that will always be kept in rotation on my iPod. And when I’m back in California next summer, and we’re driving to Encinitas’s Moonlight Beach, a few Wild Belle tracks will definitely be on my playlist.

Laura Mvula (U.K.)

Laura Mvula3

When I first heard “Green Garden” I was blown away. I tweeted something like, “This girl should play Nina Simone one day.” This British soulstress has a gorgeous voice that’s filled with the ghosts of soul greats! And I love how she doesn’t lose her Brit accent when she sings.

Boy-Mutual Friends (Swiss/German)


This is a band I may not have paid much mind to if I hadn’t accidentally caught their set during Canadian Music Week. This duo has a strange magnetism. But what I like best is that their songs tell stories. “Boris” in particular captures a particular kind of guy, I’ve never heard encapsulated so well in a song. Unfortunately, I think we’ve all met, or in my case, dated, a Boris.

Chloe Charles-(Canada)

Chloe charles

 Chloe Charles is quirky and stunning. And while she could have easily allowed herself to be marketed as a pop or R&B bombshell diva, Charles takes her music and sound to places that are so singular and unexpected that it’s exciting and musically brave.

This piece originally appeared on AUX Updated 03/04/2014

 Yuna ~ Live Your Life

Wild Belle ~ Keep You

Laura Mvula ~ Green Garden

Boy ~ Skin

Chloe Charles ~ Business


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