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June 6th, 2014
NXNE: Diamond Bones


As NXNE nears, it's time to discover the standout artists that will be leaving their mark on this year’s festival. ♦  


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Who: Diamond Bones

Where: Hails from Montreal, QC

When: Silver Dollar Room Thursday, June 19, 8 PM

Sound: Tribal Dream Pop

What is tribal dream pop? It’s the catchy term used to describe the sound of Montreal band, Diamond Bones — Isabelle Banos, Michelle Bensimon and Lana Cooney. Just like the term, Diamond Bones’ sound is a bit indescribable and difficult to genre categorize. But whatever you call their sound one things for sure, this exciting band sounds real good. 

Today, Diamond Bones decodes tribal dream pop, shares the worst – hypothetical—gig, and talks about their upcoming debut album. Chaka V. 

Diamond Bones Marie Claire Denis

“…Energetic drum beats and percussion, dreamy synth pads, ancient and ethnic electronic instrumentation, all held together by some classic pop basics for the dance party!”

Q: How long has Diamond Bones been a band? And how did the members come together?

A: We’ve been a band for just under two years now. Lana and Isabelle had been playing together in several projects for years until a jam session with Michelle happened. We really clicked, kept on jamming together, and soon realized this was something definitely worth pursuing more seriously, as the three of us.

Q: What are the major influences behind the band’s sound, style and lyrics?

A: We draw inspiration from so much in our lives, and not just other bands and genres, but everything from personal experiences, the people we come across, our hopes and fears, and everything in between. Each of our own personal musical influences are all over the map, but as a collective we draw from a spectrum of classics like Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd, all the way to the more contemporary Yeasayer and Beach House. The fun part is finding ways to meld our old and new inspirations into our own soundscapes and lyrical ideas.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd

Q: I love what the band calls its sound: “tribal dream pop.” Which elements of your sound made you guys come up with such a great description?

A:  We’ve always had trouble figuring out what category of music we fall into, so for a long time we were reliant on reviewers and other outside sources: “Chilly-N-Synthy-Dark-Disco,” “Shaded Retro Electro,” “Electronic Tribal Space Rock.” We love these descriptions and the fact that people have felt inspired to get creative by inventing genres! We figured “tribal dream pop” was a simple yet accurate way to give people an idea of what they can expect from us; energetic drum beats and percussion, dreamy synth pads, ancient and ethnic electronic instrumentation, all held together by some classic pop basics for the dance party!

Q: Dream gig?

A: Oh man, we’d love to make our way to the giant summer festivals, like Glastonbury or even Osheaga in our hometown of Montreal! How about sharing the stage with Arcade Fire or Bombay Bicycle Club? Oh can we bring people back from the dead? What are the rules here?

We’re actually playing a bit of a dream gig in a couple of weeks opening for Geographer, one of our favorite bands, and who has most certainly influenced aspects of our music.

 Q: Worst gig?

A:  Is there such a thing? We were going to say a funeral but that isn’t always a bad gig.  Maybe Hitler’s birthday party in the height of the Nazi regime.

Q: Are you working on a new EP or album? When will it be available? And what can fans and newcomers to your music look forward to from the upcoming release?

A:  Our debut full-length album will be released later this year and we cannot wait for people to hear it! We put everything we have and feel into this record so we are unbelievably excited for everyone to be able to enjoy it! Fans can expect a few new songs that we’ve never performed live, and hopefully newcomers find something fresh that they can feel a connection to.

Q: What can we expect from your NXNE show?

A: We’re playing the Pop Mtl showcase at NXNE this year so it’s sure to be a good time! It’ll be a whole night of great Montreal bands that we really respect and feel honored to share the bill with.

We’ll be playing a few tracks from our upcoming album, as well as a couple of extra treats that we hope really get the crowd going. Maybe we have a cover in the works…maybe we don’t…either way we’d love to see all of your readers’ sexy faces there ok? Ok.

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Diamond Bones Marie Claire Denis

Diamond Bones Poster (blue): Marie Claire Denis

Group at table: Barry Kaplan

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Chaka V. is a writer,  journalist and the creator of The Winehouse Mag. 

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