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The Polaris Music Prize Shortlist 2017!  

In 2016 I became a Polaris Music Prize juror. It was instantly exciting to explore the spectacular array of Canadian music up for the prize, much of it little known gems that would go unheralded without the amazing work Polaris has been doing for the past 12 years.

Now in my second year, I was thrilled to be invited to a two-part talk panel where we discussed our predictions (on July 12th), and reactions to the 2017 shortlist that was announced on July 13th. I joined host Raina Douris, and journalists Jill Krajewski and Adrian Lee to pontificate on all things Canadian Music. Though camera-shy, it was such a fun two days. 

Not to gloat, but out of 10 artists that made up my personal shortlist, five of the artists/bands made it onto the official shortlist. Now, as the decision moves to 10 esteemed secret jurors who will make the final decision, I look forward to the September Gala where the winner will be announced. (Not that there are any losers when you are nominated, make the long, and the short list of Polaris). 

I was so inspired by the list in general that a deeper revisit into the long list albums has become a new summer project! I suggest you do the same. 


Update: Polaris now has a podcast. You can hear our two-day chat here and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Click Polaris Music Prize Logo to be taken to 2017 longlist.




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