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Writer and artist Rea McNamara kicks off the Winehouse Mag's style column, the Eclectic! 

Artist and writer Rea McNamara has built a reputation on shining a spotlight on the unexpected, the neglected and the undefined. A rigorous cultural engager, daring performer and fashion interpreter – she also introduced me to vintage stores and Karaoke in our college days – McNamara is endlessly curious and endlessly fascinating. 

For McNamara style is expression and this girl’s not afraid to express herself. She is also one of the only people who can use the word “voluptuary” and “tacky”  with equal pleasure and conviction. Here McNamara answers questions about style and individuality for TWM’s column, the Eclectic. Chaka V.

TWM: How has your own work as a writer and artist reflected and transformed your style?

Rea McNamara: Style was the first form of expression I ever had at my disposal. I’m such a voluptuary, so it’s obviously a universal language that I’ve managed to find some fluency in. Any form of beauty is a construct of some kind, so you’re also battling with the frameworks of narrative, references, and even experiences that will deem those things as such. Yet beauty is also an experience, so it’s fun to be beholden to the rituals, whether they be religious or red carpet.

You are quite daring with style? What is the most outrageous outfit or piece of clothing you’ve worn?

RM: I had a lot of fun collaborating with my friends John Taccone and Porcelaine Desire on the Sheroes cosplay. Oh, and Nancy Bocock on the anti-aging tip. Everyone should have a tickle trunk, you know? Wigs, hairpieces, pasties, shape wear, sequins. To cop RuPaul’s Twitter bio: “You’re born naked and the rest is drag.”

Does style arise from a state of mind or is it simply a physical manifestation? Is style a lifestyle?

RM: All the above.

Name a style rule that you never follow?

RM: Oh, too many to count.

Combine two icons from fashion, music, or art and tell me how they have influenced your style? (I.e. Grace Jones meets Miles Davis)

RM: I really like Joni Mitchell as Art Nouveau, and Jamaica Kincaid’s ongoing attachment to pajamas.

Which contemporary artists do you believe have a unique style?

RM: Lorna Mills has quite the printed leggings collection.

If you had to run out of your home with one item at five in the morning, what would it be?

RM: Why five in the morning? I can’t make any decisions at five in the morning.

As a writer, who is the most stylish writer that has lived thus far?

RM: You know, Flavorwire did a really good content farm a few years ago based on this very question!

Image from The Grid TO ~ The Dirty 30

Image from The Grid TO ~ The Dirty 30

Winehouse Quickies with Rea!

TWM: 60’s or 80’s?

RM: Both are golden ages for boomer over-consumption.

Trendy or Classic?


Boots or heels?


Books or music?

People Magazine.

Fragrance choice: Perfume or Soap?


Rea McNamara


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