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May 10th, 2014
Saturday CMW Picks


Photo: This Sound Will Save You performing tonight at Czehoski. ♦ 

It’s Saturday. It’s the end of CMW 2014. Take it out in style with these Saturday picks. 



Who: This Sound Will Save You

Where: Czehoski  8PM

Lead singer Chloe Jones has a quality to her voice that reminds me of Kate Bush (and I love KB) — listen to “I Try.”  TSWSY makes gorgeous pop/electronic music that really stands out in a field of pop/electronic music acts performing at this years festival. A must-see tonight. Their sound is bigger than the genres and it just may save you — tonight!

Pink Chocolate

Who: Pink Chocolate

Where: Detour 8PM

Pink Chocolate looks like they put on a high energy fun show. They’re a good way to start off your night. 

Sons et al

Who: Sons et al.

Where: The Garrison 9:45

Tonight is Sons et al.’s final performance of three. They describe the sound of their latest EP as a collage of “idiosyncratic percussive guitars, layered vocals, organic soundscapes and crisp, electronic percussion” but all you need to do is listen to their stuff to know that there’s something indescribably cool happening. There’s something very sexy and compelling about lead singer Nicholas Acquroff’s voice that will hopefully sound even more amazing live. 


Who: Daniel Caesar 

Where: The Garrison 10:30PM

Daniel Caesar has been picking up buzz for his take on songs like James Blake’s “The Wilhelm Scream.” He has an interesting style. Worth checking out tonight at the Garrison. (BTW: Don’t we all want someone to make love to our minds? Deep.)

Laura Roy

Who: Laura Roy

Where: Central 10PM

Like Lili Kendall, Laura Roy has that JoJo R&B style that I love. She has an impressive voice and plans to debut her evolving stage show tonight at the fest. Check out my spotlight with her here. And check out her show tonight!


Who: Leila Dey

Where: Revival 10:00PM

Many artists performing this year — from electro acts to indie — have been referencing 90s R&B as a major influence on their current sound. Leila Dey has that authentic R&B voice that would have fit in perfectly in the 90s, and is refreshing to hear today. The babyfaced songstress might be young but that voice has a maturity and strength that deserves to get some love tonight.



Who: bizZarh

Where: Drake Underground 11pm

I love how this clever duo lists who they’re similar to as the “Spice Girls.” They’re being sarcastic — of course. They’re also ladies of very few words, describing what they’re all about simply as, “We just like to vibe out.” Their sound speaks for itself. 


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