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Photo by Yuula Benivolski. 

Twin sisters Romy and Sari Lightman, who’d been backing singers for Katie Stelmanis in her Austra project, tested out a few different names for their musical duo together before settling on Tasseomancy. The name is deeply personal, honoring their tea leaf-reading great-grandmother who left Russia in the 19th century to escape the Jewish pogroms, and its evocation of everyday magic describes their imaginative take on pop. The surreal, menacing, twisting songwriting corridors of 2015’s Palm Wine Revisited, an album wholly inspired by This Mortal Coil’s classic It’ll End In Tears, have their windows opened on the duo’s latest, Do Easy [Hand Drawn Dracula in Canada/Bella Union internationally]. Make no mistake: though they may have pulled back the curtains to let in a little sunlight and a gentle breeze, their new work is just as enthralling, complex, and imaginative.

Bandcamp spoke to Romy Lightman about rejecting commercial success, the study of fallen icons and brilliant moments recorded in bathtubs.

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