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On July 23, 2011, the world lost one of the greatest singer-lyricist of our time, Amy Winehouse.

Soul, jazz, R&B and hip hop, Winehouse infused it all with her own unique sound. But who influenced Winehouse’s music? Over the next few days TWM will look at the artists whose influence can be seen in her life and work. Chaka V. 


Frank Sinatra

 My lyrics revealin’

Some natural vibe
It’s a kind a laid back feelin’
Oh just let it ride

And when Frank Sinatra sings
It’s too much to take, yeah
So I sing the standard shit
It pacifies my ache

Halftime ~ Amy Winehouse 


The Voice. Ol’ Blue Eyes. The Chairman of the Board.

That smile. That cool. That style.

There was something about Frank Sinatra, and that something is something contemporary crooners continue to emulate. But beyond his voice, Sinatra had a panache and magnetism that captivated audiences, Hollywood’s most stunning beauties of the silver screen and the world’s attention.

If you know music – no matter what genre you love – you know Sinatra. If you don’t know Sinatra then there’s not enough room to cover the magnitude of his history here – I suggest you check him out for yourself. The vast amount of Sinatra biographies and compilation CDs available will keep you busy for the next year. And you will be very pleased you delved deeper into this legend’s life and body of work.

The degree of influence that Sinatra played in Amy Winehouse’s development as an artist was rarely addressed and may not be quite as significant as the others, but her father Mitch Winehouse was an avid fan. And Winehouse named her first album simply, Frank, a significant and no-explanation-necessary nod to one of the greatest voices and talents in music history. 

Amy W

In an ingenious piece put together by the NY Daily News entitled, Impossible Celebrity Couples,” Sinatra and Winehouse are paired together. “If only the incredible voices of Amy Winehouse and Frank Sinatra could have come together in real life,” reads the brief but fitting line below the photo.

If only.


Check out Frank Sinatra’s “Body and Soul.” The last song Winehouse would sing with Tony Bennett before her death.


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