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March 20th, 2013
Unbuttoned Wows at CMW!


I was hoping that I didn’t like the band Unbuttoned. They were a last minute selection that I became curious about after hearing their song, “Now vs. Then.” I had a half-hour between shows and figured that if I wasn’t a fan I could justify leaving early.

Instead I missed the next show!

By their second song, “Play on/Play on,” I was feeling the vibe, stayed for the entire set, and left wanting more.

The core members of the band, (Casey MQ, Kamilah Apong, Jonathan Milner, and Miles Gibbons), look like the standard fresh faced kids in a college band. This all changes when the music begins and you realize that you’re hearing something special.

Beginning the 35-minute set with their newly released single, “Let’s Just Go,” off of the EP, Electric Kingdom, the group were a part of CMW’s line-up, playing to a small enthralled audience upstairs at the El Mocambo on Tuesday night.

Their sound is a fresh take on pop and R&B, with just enough electronic energy to create a summer-on-Queen St. type of youthful sound. It’s danceable music that would have fit perfectly 10-years-ago during the Jamiroquai era yet it sounds totally new today.

Lead singer Casey MQ was one of the biggest surprises of the night. While at first glance he appears unassuming, when he opens his mouth he releases unique pop vocals that at times is as show-stopping as English soul man Mick Hucknall of Simply Red. Co-lead singer/ Kamilah Apong is just as exciting. Both have pipes and their voices are perfect together. (If voices can have chemistry than these two voices had chemistry all over the stage!) Heightening their great sound is well written catchy songs that soar.

Ultimately, this band has what it takes to go to the next level. See them live when you get the chance.



Twitter: @unbuttonedmusic


Photo Credit: Nabil Shash

Stay tuned for the Canadian Music Week in review.

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