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May 7th, 2014
Wednesday CMW Picks


Photo: Animalia performing tonight at the Painted Lady. ♦ 

With so many acts performing today it was nearly impossible to pick out the standouts but here are TWM’s top picks for Wednesday 7, 2014.



Who: Marie Munroe

Where: Cameron House – Backroom  7:00PM

Oslo, Norway singer Marie Munroe has a a quality to her voice that makes you take notice instantly — strong, pretty and memorable. She’s only doing one show tonight, so this is the time to catch her. Take a listen here


Who: MTT

Where: Painted Lady 8:00PM

MTT has an haunting sound and intriguing lyrics — that’s enough to get me to their show.


Who: Animalia

Where: Painted Lady 9pm

I became a fan of Animalia’s music last year shortly after she released her EP, A Wave to Wash the World Away. Since, I have interviewed her for the Winehouse and for AUX TV. She is known for her powerful live performances and incredible voice. A must-see tonight. 

Cat Thomson

Who: Cat Thomson

Where: Supermarket 10:00PM

Cat Thomson’s single, Sticks & Stones, is one catchy pop song. With a style akin to Sara Bareilles, her warm big voice is bound to leave you singing along. 

The Box Tiger

Who: The Box Tiger

Where: Horseshoe Tavern 9pm 

Singer/songwriter Sonia Sturino has an unmistakable voice and style — bold, intense yet fun. The Box Tiger is a tight band that will keep you moving.

Two Bears North

Who: Two Bears North

Where: Hard Rock Cafe 11pm

Though the bands name evokes images of winter, there is something so youthful, light and summery about Two Bears North that it is impossible not to feel happy while listening to them. The trio would sound great in an outside venue during a warm afternoon but tonight you can hear them at the Hard Rock Cafe.


Who: Mozart’s Sister

Where: The Garrison 1:00AM

The night owl selection for Wednesday is Mozart’s Sister. Why she is performing only one show, I don’t know? But I’m so disappointed. Mozart’s Sister is Montreal’s Caila Thompson-Hannant’s solo project (she’s also in Shapes and Sizes). Caila has such an incredible voice and I wish she had a second, earlier show. But either way she is worth seeing — just have an extra strong coffee tomorrow morning. 

MORE BANDS TO CHECK OUT AT CMW: The Montreal band about has earnest lyrics and a great sound. They’re performing at Czehoski 8:00PM. Mixing romantic angst, rage and ferocious sexuality, Meg Myers is definitely provocative with a strong voice. Gimmicky dark pop? Or something buzz worthy? Worth checking out at Drake Underground 10:00PM. 


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