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The London-based producer, vocalist and songwriter takes a step into the spotlight.  

Fifi Rong is probably one of the most unusual and daring artists making pop music today. As Lady Gaga attempts to walk the path of a more earnest provocateur, the London-based producer, songwriter and performer is bringing her multi-dimensional, East meets West, larger-than-life glamour to the stage. 

In this Winehouse chat I spoke to Rong about her latest release, Future Never Comes, and her upcoming album. Chaka V. 



TWM: Congratulations on Future Never Comes. What was the inspiration behind it?

FR: The track is talking about the breakthrough I had when I finally came to terms with my decision to pursue music. It took a lot of courage, but that was the turning point and everything changed. 

TWM: You are so wildly creative and unique. What inspires you?

FR: Thanks! I just like what sounds good and what looks good to me. Instincts. Just a matter of tastes really. Music-wise there is a big list of people I grew up listening to from the East and the West. And I mix everything that’s got into me over the years, it’s a natural thing. 

TWM: When did you start producing and songwriting?

FR: I actually started music technology in my A levels, but I seriously started devoting all of my time to it a few years ago. Songwriting is also something that developed over recent years, but it escalated very quickly because of my very personal kind of intensity to have a go at it.  Making music has changed everything for me, my beliefs and worldview.

Actually, come to think of it, I have sung ever since I can remember, all my life. But being a producer has definitely taught me a lot about my recording voice. 

TWM: Your music is both seductive and dark, how does that translate to your stage performances?

FR: My stage persona is something I have gradually been discovering on stage, as an extension of me. I’m constantly amazed by what the stage brings out in me.

TWM: Who would you love to collaborate with?

FR: Unexpected, great artists. My recent collaborations with Yello and Skepta were completely unexpected. I had no idea how they would end up sounding, but it all worked out like magic in the end. I enjoy those surprises in life. 

TWM: What can we expect from your début album?

FR: Expansion and growth as an artist, more accessibility, multi-dimensions, greater maturity in production and sound. And, most importantly, good songs that connect to people’s hearts and will stand the test of time for me and for others. 

Future Never Comes is available on Soundcloud.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Chaka V. Grier  is an entertainment writer & the creator of The Winehouse Mag. 

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