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Animalia is that special artist whose smile and openness remains even after the tape recorder is switched off. Our conversation continued for another 40-minutes (which reminds me to never turn my recorder off too quickly).

We discussed the challenges around being a female solo indie artist. Animalia will share her thoughts on this to kick of TWM’s Talk column.  In the meantime learn more about her with these five Winehouse quickies!

WM: Describe Your Song Writing Routine?

It’s not a routine. Definitely not. I often go through a dry spell… I usually spend a couple of months either recording or promoting and then it will hit me at once and I’ll do three songs at once and bang it’s written! Then I’ll have another dry period. So yeah, usually I write about two or three songs in one sitting and then I move on.

It’s really interesting. It seems really natural. I don’t think you can have that part of your brain turned on all the time. I think you’d kind of go crazy if you did.

WM: Would you ever return to singing cover songs?

I think I do want to experiment with maybe one cover song but I think I would try to choose something really strange. I actually do a cover song from a friend’s band here in Toronto. They’re an electronic experimental hip hop group and I turn their song into this melancholy acoustic version. When I perform it live it’s a song that everyone is just so into because it’s so weird. It’s quite fast, talking wise, which is different from what I do. I very much hold out my notes so it’s kind of like,”What the hell was that?” I do want to play with that idea a little more.

WM: There is a literary quality to your album titles. Is that a conscious decision?

I’m really into long album titles for some reason.

I never used to read. Absolutely never used to read! I started picking up books a couple years ago. I’m working through the classics. So I think it is coming out in that way.

WM: You’re an Aussie but most often get compared to Irish singers? What do you think about that?

Yes, it’s those 90’s, weirdly Irish singers.

I’ve got a lot of trouble with this and every artist does because you’re immersed in it. I think with these new recordings a lot of the feedback I’m getting is like Dot Allison, Cranberries, which is a very 90’s sound. I hope I’m doing something a little more interesting than the 90’s, they were pretty basic. But I think that the voice is reminiscent and it’s clearly because that’s what I grew up on.”

WM: What music do you listen to?

I usually like the really weird ones [singers]. I’m a big fan of Kate Bush, Bjork, and Talking Heads. I do like a lot of 80’s bands that came out during that time like, Joy Division, The Smiths. I listen to very little current artists.

I’m not a die-hard Radio Head fan but I would say I like 90 percent of their music. They’re just fascinating. I find myself leaning towards more interesting electronic stuff now. I think that’s why I find it very hard to say… [who her influences are]. I’m a mixed bag.

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