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Get to know singer-songwriter Chloe Charles a little bit more with these Winehouse Quickies! 

Which European City do you find most inspiring for your music?

I’d say Berlin. That city is amazing. It’s just inspiring. I know a lot of musicians there now. And you have all these artists coming there from everywhere, from all areas of the arts. You’re surrounded by inspiration and you can’t get lazy there if you’re an artist.

What happened to Ghetee?

(Laughs). Oh, the sad story about that guitar. After I had really spent a lot of time learning how to play, my mom gave me her guitar and it was so beautiful. I called her Ghetee. It wasn’t this really expensive guitar but it had a really warm sound, and it was hers. She’d been playing it since she was a teenager. Then I had this show and my cousin took a cab and left it in the cab. I never got her back.

What was the first album you picked for yourself?

I think the first album I bought was Salt-n-Pepa. And then TLC. But it was really funny because I didn’t know what I wanted. I was like 9-years-old and people were asking me what I liked because they wanted to buy me CD’s. But I didn’t know, I think I was a little bit sheltered from popular culture. So I saw a commercial on TV and was like “OK, I’ll just try that.” And I liked it a lot.

Do you ever think it would be easier to move in a more mainstream sounding direction?

I feel as if I’m maturing. I don’t have as much of a rebellious attitude towards moving into that kind of mainstream direction – not that I want to go there, but I can appreciate that there are some forms that people just – because they’ve heard it so much for so long  –  just listen to. Its familiar and they’re able to appreciate it. I usually want to hear the strangest stuff and always be surprised, but not everybody does. I’m sort of in the stage of trying to bridge the gap between being really authentic and putting my spin on things but making it a little bit more accessible to mainstream audience. Because really, it’s not just about me expressing myself. I’m not doing this to be selfish and make it about me me me. It’s a relationship. And I want to be able to communicate these things.

On having admiring fans (aka groupies).

I’m comfortable with it. Most men are really respectful and you can have a crush or something, that’s cool. As long as you’re not creepy and don’t touch me or follow me around afterwards. I’ve had some odd experiences, but it’s usually been with some unique people. Thankfully, that’s not generally the case so I’m okay with that.

On her image.

I think some people feel comfortable in one style all the time. With my music people have a difficult time placing it in one genre and I think that is because that’s who I am in everything I do. I can flip between everything and it’s kind of just a big mixture.

I love to have fun with clothes and make-up. Your body is a canvas. I do get a lot of comments about sort of being a Forties cocktail singer – with a little bit of edge. So I’m like sure, let’s go with that! That one’s cool. But I have to incorporate that [style] into my band as well.

Any dream collaborations?

Oh, there’s so many! I love Chilly Gonzales. (Recently nominated for a Polaris award for Solo Piano II). He’s very cool. He can dabble in anything and his personality seems quite wild. And there’s this amazing composer, he does a lot of movie scores, his name is Max Richter, I would love to work with a composer who could write incredible arrangements. And then I would love to work with orchestras. That would be incredible!

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